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(This house reported 19 resource efficient features.
Percentages above indicate the distribution of features and total 100%)


  • To develop a pilot demonstration of a zero energy production home that has strong market appeal, and to develop design and performance experience that can be applied to future or improved zero energy designs.
  • To demonstrate and evaluate the performance of the "NightBreeze,"a production prototype night ventilation cooling system that is intended to substantially reduce or eliminate air conditioning use when used in combination with a home that is designed for exceptional summer performance.
The Centex 21st Century Production Home combines several significant resource efficient features. The home's solar panels can be seen here.


  • Location: Livermore, California
  • Climate Zone: Marine
  • Type of Project: New Construction
  • Home Completed: 2002
  • Setting: suburban
  • Energy Source: - solar - natural gas - grid electric
  • Layout: Single-Family; 4 bedroom; Attached garage
  • Lot Size: 5500 sqft
  • Square Footage: 3080
  • Sales Market: High-income
  • Cost/Square Foot: $ 155.00


David Springer, President
Davis Energy Group
- Designer - Collaborator

Phone: (530) 753-1100
Fax: (530) 753-4125
Email: springer@davisenergy.com


The past year, this solar home generated 102% of its energy needs. The decision was made to tie this home to the electrical grid, however, to keep initial and maintenance costs down. Cost savings came primarily from not having to buy or maintain a bank of storage batteries, as well as a less expensive DC to AC inverter. The cost savings strategies also fit in with a Davis Energy Group goal of trying to make photovoltaic systems more affordable and attractive to the average homebuyer.

For more information on both the NightBreeze system (Alternatives to Compressor Cooling Project) and the Zero Energy Home project see http://www.davisenergy.com/projects.html. An article on NightBreeze development is in the July/Aug 2003 issue of Home Energy ("Kicking the Air Conditioner Habit"). Performance data from the home can be viewed at http://www.fsec.ucf.edu/en/research/buildings/zero_energy/livermore/index.htm

Important features for reducing air conditioner use are these trellises, which shade east and south windows from direct sun.  West windows are shaded by the front porch.

All of the permanent lighting fixtures use compact fluorescent bulbs.

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