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22 Round Pond Drive




Goals of Innovation: To help both the current owner and future owners know how to properly maintain and operate the home and its systems.

Description: The 15 page manual includes all the documentation and instructions on how to operate and maintain the different products and features of the home. This includes lighting, heating, cabinets and countertops, walls, ceilings, plumbing, radiant heat system, fire and CO detectors, appliances, roof, foundation, insect control, windows, floors, ventilation system, and the solar hot water system. This manual was required to get the rebate back from Cape Light Compact, the local electricity aggregator.

Obstacles: Putting together a manual of this type takes time. To make the information relevant, it should come from the contractor, subcontractors, and vendors, who do not always have the time to help with this type of product. In this case, however, the contractor and solar system installer were very helpful. The owner recommends the manual contain such things as R-values of walls, ceiling and foundation, as well as the home's performance data.

Cost Information: The solar system was built into the home, not added on, so the cost was in line with a standard heating system.

Additional Benefits/Drawbacks: The system works better than expected. By supplementing an efficient gas water heater, the sun provides more than 75% of the home's total heat and domestic hot water. The combined average monthly bill for heating and water heating is approximately $40.

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